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  • Concept
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Shopping Cart
  • Animation Design
  • CMS

XOVĒ is a recently established premium cosmetics brand based in Hong Kong, with their flagship product being the white truffle treatment essence. In order to boost XOVĒ's brand and product awareness and to increase their online sales volume, we developed a professional website equipped with a robust shopping cart system. 

This website showcases XOVĒ's brand image and product offerings in a and engaging manner, providing customers with an exceptional user experience and facilitating their purchase journey.

Research indicates that 90% of website users browse using mobile devices. As such, particular emphasis was placed on the design aspects of user experience, convenience, and well-structured customer navigation in the mobile version of the site. The objective was to deliver a comfortable browsing experience, while simultaneously increasing sales volume.

To accentuate the unique features of each product, we customized the animation and background design of the respective product pages. For instance, we incorporated a floating truffle animation within the treatment essence page, thus adding a distinctive touch to the browsing experience.