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The Hong Kong Vision Project, launched by the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute (HKPRI) in early 2016, is an ambitious series of research projects initiated by Mr. Jasper Tsang. Mr. Tsang, Vice Chairman of HKPRI and former Legislative Council Chairman, recognized the need to address the current and future challenges facing Hong Kong. 

With this in mind, the Hong Kong Vision Project brings together a diverse group of experts, researchers, and policymakers to delve into critical issues affecting the city.

Through rigorous analysis and innovative thinking, the project aims to provide insights and recommendations that will shape a vision for the future of Hong Kong, addressing its complex social, economic, and political landscape.

The events section provides details on upcoming conferences, seminars, and workshops, fostering intellectual exchange and knowledge-sharing. The research section showcases the Institute's in-depth studies and analysis on various policy issues, offering insights into critical matters affecting Hong Kong. 

Additionally, the media section features press releases, interviews, and media coverage, allowing users to stay informed about the Institute's engagements and contributions.