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A newly established piano studio in 2021, focusing on providing high-quality grand piano rental service, creating a cozy, comfortable place to let audiences enjoy the music practicing, teachers and students can have a better lessons experience, and enhance the journey of learning music. Besides the music experience, we also aimed to build up a better consumption and booking process to elevate the user experience.

The founder Miss Hung-Po Yan, is a devout Christian, and she believes a better environment is important for a student who experienced the music learning process, and this studio for her is a gift from her religion, so we tried to bring 2 concepts together. For music players, music is religion itself, and the "blessed" is surrounding when they play the music. 

According to the Bible story Noah's Ark, the dove and the olive branch serve to tell Noah a time of peace and deliverance has come. Peace, calm, serenity—-a new start, a new creation, new expectations and new hope are now all generated. So we tried to combine the olive branch and music notes 8th notes to represent the company's symbol, remaining the "blessed from music" concept, creating a fresh,clean and peaceful brand image for Blessed Piano Studio.

Hand-drawing symbol represents the humanity and friendly brand image of the brand, also the pure heart of loving music. With solid and elegant logotype, reveal the high quality of the services & equipment. Although classical music is solemn, we tried to have a perfect balance through the visual approach. Combining hand-drawing symbol with a mature green tone remaining nature, breath and professional personality to the brand, constitute a professional and friendly brand character for Blessed Piano Studio.

Blessed Piano Studio wishes to provide a more flexible booking experience for their audiences, let them can enjoy the music experience at any place and any time. So we created an automatic booking system that is synchronized with their Google Calendar, so audiences can check the real-time studio booking status, to book the studio with just few taps. Minimize the complex manpower, also the audience can arrange their needs more flexibly, to achieve a win-win situation for both parties.

Also, audiences can purchase additional items for their practice or studies, a shopping cart system builds into the website, all needs in one site, convenient and complete.